About Me

My name is Caroline. I'd like to capture your love. 

I'm a loving person who wants to make you feel happy and safe. I give lots of direction in order to create an environment where I can capture real emotions! I always have a smile on my face and a joke in my pocket. 

My images have been described over and over as "lived in." Yes. I want to grab this moment in time in an authentic way and gift you with memories you can treasure forever. 

Photography is my joy. People are my inspiration. Seeing people in love gives me a rush of creativity and excitement.


Invite me in. You'll be so glad you did. ♥️



Every bride is different. I cater your wedding day to your specific needs. You are a real person! Your family is important! I'm a great listener and I want to get it right. I am ultra attentive and prepared, and make it my personal mission to make your day the most special experience possible.  


You are my inspiration!

So how did you get into this business?

I started as a professional photo editor in 2006.

I worked part time as a studio manager and photo editor for a photography legend, Lance Johnston, while I went to college. I worked on the open second floor of his studio. I could see and hear everything Lance said to his clients. I learned some amazing techniques from Lance – even how to make a photo look hand painted. 

I also put his weddings albums together – one 5x5 print at a time. He had a system at weddings. He knew the staple items to catch at every single event and he was consistent. This is how I learned how to put a wedding timeline together. 

I had hundreds of 5x5 prints that I had to arrange in a way that best told the story of the day. This inspired me always think of a wedding as a story. Even if there are unexpected twists and turns – those are the details you want to remember. 

After I graduated from the University of Central Arkansas, I worked in corporate America. I build two marketing departments and was also the graphic designer for the third largest real estate company in the nation. I offered our agents headshot sessions through the company! 

Before I was anything else, I was an actor.  I started asking my friends if they wanted to update their headshots! People started talking. I started taking my camera to social events. People wanted their picture taken by me. I started creating a style.  

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