Wedding Photographer in Little Rock Arkansas​​

Learning by Doing

Wedding photography is something you can ONLY really learn by doing. 

I’ve also worked as a second shooter at weddings for Mary Tellez, Lori Sparkman, Caitlin Trickett, Kati Mallory, Haley Ashe, Holly Moore, Corrie Childers, Ashton Rail, and Erin Wilson.  Each an honor!

I believe in community over competition and have employed several other photographers on their journeys

Before the Wedding/Custom Wedding Journey

Wedding date
If your KNOW the photographer you want to use for your wedding, it’s got to be one of the first decisions you make so you can make sure the photographer is still available! We create contracts sometimes years in advance for some clients! Check venue and photographer availability first.

I’m available!

How exciting! To make sure I cannot schedule anything else on YOUR date, it’s a $250 deposit. After I receive the deposit, I ask for the following things:

Your Name, Number, email address
Your fiancee’s, name, number and email address

The Location Name AND address of Ceremony Location

The Location Name AND address of Reception Location
How many photographers do you want?
How many hours coverage?

Then your next payment won’t be due until 2 months before your wedding.


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